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LPC Associate

Supervised by Frank Cohn, LPC-S


Reaching out for support can feel scary, but you’ve taken a brave first step on an important journey towards feeling better. The painful situations that have hurt your heart, and the expectations of modern life, are heavy to carry alone. It can be exhausting to be stuck in a loop of suffering, or to be living every day with your head barely above water. And we live in a scary, overwhelming, isolating era of human history, so it makes sense that so many of us are struggling right now.

Finding a therapist that you can vibe with is a challenge that I am very familiar with. We all want to feel understood, heard, and safe with the people who hold our vulnerability. I try to break the traditional therapist mold by being my authentic self, bringing realness and humor into the therapy room. I am a neurodivergent millennial, and I treasure my innate weirdness so you can feel comfortable to do the same.

My secular therapy style is chill, encouraging, and non-pathologizing, creating an atmosphere where you can feel challenged and yet comfortable. I like to use a parts-based approach, meaning we will get to know your critical and wounded inner parts, and work to develop true compassion towards their role in your life. I also weave in somatic elements, allowing you to strengthen your mind-body connection by exploring emotion as bodily sensations.

Together we can work on developing more self-trust and self-acceptance, so you live a more harmonious life. Imagine the relief you’ll feel when the pace of your life slows down, those negative self-critical thoughts quiet, and your joy begins to grow with every day. You deserve to live your best life, freed from the chains of your past and the worry about your future.

I enjoy working with adults and couples of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of your specific challenges or diagnosis, I would be honored to walk by your side on your healing journey.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Some of my specializations include:

Anxiety and panic attacks

Childhood and acute trauma



Grief and loss


Body image and self-esteem


Postpartum and the weight of parenthood

Life transitions


Relationship challenges


Religious trauma

Chronic illness

Neurodivergence, Autism, ADHD


Individuals, Couples, Young Adults (19-24 years), Adults (25-74 years), Senior (75+ years)


I am not in-network with any insurance providers.

I offer a superbill for out of network reimbursement. 

I offer a sliding scale fee.


I offer sessions at the Alive Austin office and virtually. 


Masters of Education in Counseling and Development from Lamar University

Bachelors of Science and Arts in Human Development and Family Sciences from University of Texas at Austin

Associates of Science in Baking and Pastry from The Art Institute of California San Diego

Favorite therapy books

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk (Trauma) No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness by Richard C. Schwartz (Trauma)


I am a mother of kids, chickens, cats, and a bunny. I like to spend my free time reading, playing board/card games, hiking, cooking, sleeping, camping, shopping, creating art, and bingeing the latest Netflix series. :)


Formal crisis intervention training and 200+ hours volunteer work through Crisis Text Line

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