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LPC Associate

Supervised by Frank Cohn, LPC-S

If you remember anything from reading my bio, remember this: there is more to life than coping, and you are not a walking problem. You might be seeking counseling because you are suffering, but I believe that you can find a life worth truly living.

My clients struggle with everything from internalized hopelessness (depression), "chronic" illnesses that CAN heal, people pleasing, “playing small,” codependency and social anxiety to anger, highs and lows, reactivity and addictions. I find that these issues are usually smart coping mechanisms for a less-than-ideal (although often well-intended) upbringing or unresolved trauma — but that they are pretty harmful by the time the search for counseling begins.

What got me through the other end of my journey was paying attention to what works and what doesn’t, and making the effort to heal the root cause of my issues. I absolutely believe that thoughts can be powerful, but I find that life becomes less of an uphill battle when therapy touches the emotional core of where those maladaptive thoughts stemmed from in the first place. My downstream, “bottom-up” approach is largely built upon the premise of Somatic Experiencing, Parts Therapy and Emotion-focused (Person Centered) Counseling.

I primarily work with adults and couples. Are you wondering if I meigh be a good fit? Please reach out! I promise you honesty, authenticity, and heart.

I am open to serving ALL people and truly am "everything friendly." I am lucky to have been raised in an incredibly diverse area (outside of D.C.) and feel comfortable with all kinds of cultures and identities.


Individuals, Couples, Adults (25-74 years)


I am not in-network with any insurance provider.

I offer a superbill for out of network reimbursement. 

I offer a sliding scale fee.


I offer sessions at the Alive Austin office and virtually. 


MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University, 2023


Hakomi Certification
Somatic Experiencing® Level 1 Beginning trained
Gottman Levels 1 and 2 - In progress

Favorite therapy books

Waking the Tiger (Somatics)
The Body Keeps the Score (Trauma)


My major loves in life are the outdoors, rock climbing, my dog Wiley, meaningful connections and this line of work. There is a beautiful, quiet wisdom in each of those areas -- but can I just take a moment to tell you about my dog? He's ridiculous, authentic, instinctual, smarter than me and the best part of my life. When I start to feel disconnected, he helps me tune back in and reminds me of what's important. Wiley joins in on my therapy sessions and will be very excited to meet you!


Psychedelics & Healing the Wounds of War, Novemver 2023
The Science of Psychedelics, September 2022
Somatic Experiencing Webinars: Embodied Interventions (March 2023), The Holocene Method (January 2023), The Relationship Between Caffeine and Trauma Healing (September 2022), Secure Phylogenetic Attachment (September 2022), Rebuilding Self-Trust after Narcissistic Abuse (August 2022)

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